His. Hers. Theirs.


The brisker weather of autumn is just around the corner, so it’s nearly time to cozy up and hunker down at home.

Perhaps in your own favorite spot.

“I love it when homeowners can carve out a special space just for them,” says interior designer Sara Noble of Noble Designs. “It allows them to design a space that is not only functional for their specific needs, but it also lets us play with an aesthetic that really fits their tastes.”


You don’t have to have a man cave or a she shed to carve out your own nook at home. To get started, whether it’s planning on your own or with a designer, the most important thing to determine is how you want to use the space – whether it’s for work, play, or both. “This helps us determine what functionality must be built into the space,” Noble says.

Perhaps you have some favorite artwork or furniture you want to add in.

“After that, it’s always fun to look at what inspires,” Noble says, “whether it’s clippings from a magazine, Pinterest boards, or Instagram saves.”


What Noble loves about design right now is that the lines between traditional masculinity and femininity are blurred.

“Blush is being used everywhere, and men aren’t scared of it,” she says. “Women love dark colors for a more moody feel.”

But when Noble and her team get the opportunity to design for just one gender, it’s fun to play up that man cave and women’s lounge.

“For men, it’s great to use rich color, stains, and paint everything including the trim for a cozy feel,” she says. “For her, it’s shades of pink and softer curves.

The Westmeyers are not new to house renovations. They have moved and improved numerous houses but this one is different. Their new home in Hallbrook is more of a permanent residence – and it should be. The bones of the home are gorgeous. This classic colonial-style home has large white columns and an all-brick facade that create the feeling of old Southern charm. The inside, while well done, was a bit dated.

So the Westmeyers called Noble to help implement their vision. The formal living room is a perfect ladies lounge. The mix of crystal and blush gave the space a formal, soft feel. It’s perfect for tea or cocktails.

The theater room was more of a cozy room good for sports events or the latest movie. While the molding was added to give the space a feel that fit the rest of the house, the dark grays and plaids were added to make it his space. It’s cozy with flannel gray upholstered walls. And while it’s a great guys’ space, truth be known, the whole family is happy down there.