Let’s Meet Our Team.

Meet Shelby. He’s our internet sales manager and resident Dad. Why is it Dad with a capital “D”? Because not only is Shelby dad to 4 adopted sons; Jonathan, Jordan, Lloyd & Chantez and daughter Tasia he’s fostered over 50 kids. So, he’s EARNED the capital “D” in Dad.

A few of Shelby’s favorite things include watching professional sporting events, listening to R&B and gospel music, spending time with family (including his dachshund Reno), taking cruises, travelling to international destinations, Camping or watching the Kansas Jayhawks. If Shelby won the lottery he’d build a orphanage for at risk youth and have the biggest family reunion bash ever. Both equally valuable endeavors.

Shelby’s favorite vehicle? His 1978 Cadillac Seville

Shelby handles our internet sales for the dealership, so if you are chatting with him via email or if you see him in the showroom say “HI!” but be ready with some US Presidential trivia as he’s an expert on it.

Let’s Meet Our Team

When we claim our team is approachable we have the proof to back that up. Approachable sales specialists are a mix of outgoing and knowledgeable, no one has this combination on lock more than Victoria. Let us introduce you to our VW Specialist and dealership spitfire…Victoria Gerry.

“Hi! I’m Victoria. I am a VW Specialist here at BMW|VW of Topeka and I absolutely love what I do.”

When not driving around in her favorite 2020 VW Jetta SEL…

you can find Victoria enjoying live music – her favorite being alternative/grunge or being active outdoors with her border collie Ace/her cat Logan and soon with her new Cavapoo puppy. In her quieter moments you might find her reading a self improvement book or watching a movie, including her favorite “The Hobbit”. She is married to her husband, Matt and they have one daughter Natalie.

A fact some may not know about Victoria is that she served 12 years in the Army National Guard as a recruiter and operations sergeant. We appreciate her service to our country and the work ethic she’s carried over to her role with us.

When we asked her to explain how she came to work for us here in Topeka and how she views her role she responded, “I am a Client Advisor and Volkswagen specialist at BMW|VW Topeka. I help with Service to Sales for customer retention. My husband was assigned to Ft Riley as his duty station so we moved from Charleston, SC to Topeka, KS. I worked for 3 years in North Charleston, SC for a Volkswagen dealership so it was a simple transfer.”

If Victoria were to win the lottery she would buy a house with a movie theatre, eternity pool and hot tub, buy a new Porsche Macan, and purchase a BMW M3 for my husband. We aren’t sure where she’d buy this fancy house but we sure hope it’s local. We are proud to have Victoria representing both VW and our dealership and hope you’ll come by and introduce yourself soon.

Let’s Meet Our Team

Our team is as approachable as they come, and that doesn’t just mean the sales staff is friendly and helpful – but our service team knows there way around exceptional customer service as well. From the top down it’s our mantra to provide the kind of service that creates a long-term relationship with our customers. Once the car is sold it’s the service department’s role to keep that car on the road and keep our customers happy. That all begins with the guy at the top, our Service Manager – Isaac Nichols.

This is Isaac, he’s our BMW|VW Service Manager, he joined our team just recently but he has hit the ground running and has over 15 years of experience in servicing the brands we sell.

Let’s get to know a little more about Isaac so next time you bring your car in maybe you can chat for a few about KU, The Royals, or The Chiefs!

His favorite colors: Blue & Black

His favorite teams: KU, The Royals and The Chiefs.

And as for his favorite movies & music – he’s a man of many tastes – too many to list.

He’s a husband to his wife, Amy and dad to two boys – Miles and Tucker. Along with their dog, Pippi and a leopard gecko named, Elliot.

He’s a man of relaxed tastes choosing to spend his free time with his kids’ baseball teams or at the lake with his family.

If he won the lottery he’d pay of all his own bills, his parent’s bills, and put his kids through college. And maybe, just maybe he’d score a new BMW M5 as it’s his favorite car to drive.

His favorite part of his job is helping people whether it be his co-workers or customers. We couldn’t agree more, our favorite part of our job is helping as well and we’d like to help you get to know Isaac and his impeccable team of service advisors and technicians. Schedule your next service soon and stop in and say hi to Isaac while you’re there.

Let’s Meet Our Team.

We’d love for you to meet our team. We have brand new management along with some of the best long-time employees in the business. Today let’s meet one of those BRAND NEW managers, Kris Nielsen.

Hi, my name is Kristopher Nielsen. I am the brand new General Manager of BMW|VW of Topeka.

Let’s learn a little something personal about Kris:

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: Coming to America

Favorite Sports Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite Type of Music: I have eclectic taste

Kris is married to his lovely wife, Brooke. They just recently had their first child, a boy named Max. They also are proud pup-parents to two Portuguese Water Dog/Poodle mixes named Penny and Pepper.

Outside of work Kris enjoys cycling and hanging with his dogs. A lesser known fact about Kris is that he has a photographic memory and can recall obscure song lyrics or movie quotes having only seen or heard them once.

His favorite car… his much missed 2014 Porsche Cayman S (stock image – neither actual vehicle or driver pictured here.)

At BMW|VW of Topeka Kris is the General Manager, the top dog, the buck stops here guy. What is his favorite part of this role?

“My favorite part is helping our team members succeed and interacting with the customers.”

How did Kris wind up the Top of Topeka? After 10 years of working for the company in various roles he was always working towards this.

Lastly, what would Kris do if he won the lottery? He’d tell no one, he’d enjoy the spoils of fractional jet ownership which of course would lend itself to lots of travel.

Well, stick around awhile Kris we’ve got lots to do together. Our dealership has amazing staff and a customer experience worth travelling for, but we can always get better and BE better and that’s why he’s here. Cheers Kris!