How to Use the Bluetooth in Your BMW

Being able to connect your phone to your BMW using Bluetooth is one of the first things most owners want to do, and why not? You can receive calls without having to take your hands off the wheel, and can even stream your music. This keeps you and your family safe, as you’re not having to fumble with your cellphone when driving. But you might be worried that it’s too complicated, or that you need to go through a lot of difficult steps. So Ted Lindner, one of our Client Advisors, is here to walk you through how to connect it for the first time. After you’ve paired it, you don’t need to run through the whole process each time. This is just for the initial setup.

From the BMW iDrive’s home screen, you first need to scroll over and select the “Communication” button. Then go down to “Manage mobile devices” and select that. Then select “Connect new device“. Next, select the first option, “Telephone“. The iDrive screen will now display an ID number for the vehicle. In your cellphone’s Bluetooth menu, you’ll need to search for the device with that name and number, and select that. Go ahead and allow your phone to connect, and give it any permissions it needs for your contacts. If your BMW has Apple Carplay, like our X5 here, the iDrive screen will ask if you want to use that.

But that’s it! Communication, Manage mobile devices, Connect new device, Telephone. Four simple steps.While BMW iDrive is a very powerful system, it is much easier to navigate to what you need than you might expect. So once your phone is connected, you have all of your phone’s capabilities at your fingertips. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at (785) 266-8480.