Meet our Sales Manager: Brian Mayer

In our new installment of “meet a team member”, we sat down with our Sales Manager, Brian Mayer.

  • Brian has been in the car industry his whole life, and has sold BMWs for the last 13 years
  • Before moving to Kansas, he lived in Chicago and Los Angeles
  • His favorite dish in town is the buffalo wings at Blue Moose Bar and Grill
  • He is looking forwards to the unveiling of the new storefront, and all the opportunities and challenges that will come with that.



Meet our Service Manager: Rainer Will

With any business, you’re only as strong as your people. That is true for us as well. So this is the first in a new series of articles highlighting a few of our amazing team members. Since our new service center was recently completed, it seemed only fitting to start with our Service Manager, Rainer Will.

  • Rainer has been in the car industry his whole life
  • He immigrated from Germany in 1986
  • He now lives in Bonner Springs
  • He is enjoying having a brand new shop that he can be proud to show off, and that he has tripled his capacity for handling cars

So make an appointment to bring in your BMW or VW, say hi to Rainer, and see the new facility.

An executive demo is a smart buy

When shopping for a car, you always have to be wary if something seems too good to be true. That’s such a common attitude that it’s become a cliche. If something is marked way down, it seems like there must be a downside. There’s some catch, some hidden trick just waiting to bite you. But sometimes a deal is just a deal. That’s the case with buying an executive demo, which we are lucky enough to have a choice selection of at BMW/VW of Topeka.

An executive demo is a car that was lent to a BMW executive to use for a brief period of time. It was never privately registered, so for the sake of warranties and other programs, it still counts as a new car. When I say a brief time, I mean a brief time. These are vehicles one year old, most of them with less than 10,000 miles on them. For a modern luxury car, that’s barely even broken in. But even with those few miles, the discounts can easily stretch into the five-figure range.

So if you’re willing to pick up a car with a few miles on the clock, you can save the equivalent of a brand new Honda Fit. With these cars being handled entirely within the BMW structure, you can be assured that any and all care has been done exactly by the book. No shady oil change shops here. Thousands of dollars off, full warranties, brand new. It’s really hard to find the downside here.

Take a look at our available executive demos, then schedule an appointment to test drive one.